The best VPN for Fire TV Stick

How to install Nitrous VPN on your Fire TV Stick

Install and open the Downloader app on Fire TV from the Amazon Store

Enter URL:

Open Nitrous application, click connect, and enjoy online privacy

Why you need a VPN on your Fire TV Stick

Prevent censorship

Nitrous VPN lets you change your IP to anywhere in the world so your Fire TV apps work as originally intended. Watch whatever you want, wherever you want.

Hide your IP

While streaming movies and shows online, it is highly suggested to hide your IP. This allows you to stream Kodi, Netflix, and Shows without being tracked.

Avoid ISP Throttling

Internet providers sometimes slow down your internet speeds on purpose depending on what content you are viewing. Nitrous VPN fixes this.

Unblock content

Netflix and other streaming apps show you different content depending on your location. Change your IP with Nitrous VPN to access all content unlimited.

In 30+ countries and counting


Frequent Questions

Nitrous VPN is a Virtual Private Network service. When you activate our service, you connect to a safe server from a remote location and all your data becomes encrypted. Your IP address will be hidden when browsing online.

Nitrous VPN is the best in the game when it comes to security. We have a strict no logging policy when you are connected to our secure servers.

We support Windows, MAC, Android, Fire TV, and Open VPN. Our app is easy to install and use. View our setup guides at this page.

You can use a single Nitrous account on up to 10 devices simultaneously.