Top 10 tips to improve your security

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Using a VPN is one of the best ways to improve your network security; however, it is not the only way. This article will outline a few important tips to ensure you stay safe when browsing the web.

1. Use a strong authentication method, and a complex password.

2. Always keep your software up to date.

3. Keep your physical equipment and ports safe.

4. Backup important data on external drives. Disconnect when not in use.

5. Be careful what you download or open via emails. Hackers can install malware onto your device this way.

6. Use a VPN combined with strong anti virus software.

7. Use caution when downloading anything on the internet. This is the main way hackers install malicious content onto your devices.

8. When visiting a new, unknown website, be weary of the advertisements you click on.

9. When downloading software, make sure you are actually downloading that software. Sometimes they will be malware disguised as a trusted software.

10. Always ensure the URL you visit is the correct URL. Some websites will look exactly like the website you’re trying to visit – but instead are designed to steal passwords.